Mercedes-Benz Econic Grab Lorry

The new eight-wheeler Mercedes-Benz Econic, is now available as a grab lorry in the UK. North west Dealer Roanza Truck has supplied the first new vehicle of its type to enter service in London, allowing low-entry chassis for urban tipping vehicles.


The new truck has the a low driving position and a panoramic windscreen which allows drivers an unrivalled field of vision. These attributes have combined to give it the “vehicle Transport for London” award 5 star rating. Many tipper/grab operators throughout the UK will now be looking at this vehicle to be added to their own fleets in the coming months.


The benefits of local Grab hire Lorries.

Once the new project has been decided upon, the second decision will be how to get rid of all the rubbish and waste materials from the house, building or building site. The two most popular methods employed in the UK are skip hire and Grab Lorry Hire.


Skip Hire option

Skip hire can be cost effective as you can order the size required if you correctly estimate the amount of waste/rubbish you will require. They do however require quite a large amount of manpower to fill them up, as your people will have to transport the waste to the skip throughout the project. You must be aware that to park a skip on the road will require a parking permit application and permission along with the necessary fee.


Grab Lorry Hire

Grab lorries will come with their own operator who will both drive and operate the mechanical arm, which takes away the task of having to load the skip yourself. Normally the waste will be placed within skip bags which are then collected by the grab lorry. The sheer volume of the Grab lorries make it far better for larger projects where there is a large volume amount of waste generated.


Grab lorries are normally able to navigate to all sorts of clearance sites, they can wait when waste is being moved and you need not pay for parking of any kind.


The final benefit of a Grab Hire Lorry is that it can also deliver building materials to you on the way out to collect the waste and rubbish, making it a more effective all round solution.


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